Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, hopefully you will find the answers here.

Are these safe...can I get a splinter?!

This is everyone's first reaction - have you ever got a splinter from a salad bowl? Our wooden dildos are made to an even higher standard, and completely sealed with a ultra smooth waterproof finish to last a lifetime.
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How are they sealed?

After the wooden dildo has been smoothed and sanded till it feels silky smooth, we begin the lengthy 6 stage sealing process. We use the highest quality sealant - this is approved for use in food and even for childrens' toys, so you should have no problems. Compare this to the pthalates often found in latex and silicone dildos - banned in many countries!
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Do I need to use a lubricant

Although some customers tell us that our wooden dildos are so smooth they do not need to lube, we would always recommend using a water-based lubricant when inserting anything in yourself - love your body!
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Is your shipping/packaging discrete?

Our shipping and packing is 100% discrete - you would never guess what is in the package and neither will your postie. We place your wooden dildo in a luxurious felt bag, then put this in a rectangular cardboard package, stuffed with organic biodegradable foam beads.
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When will my lovely wooden dildo be ready?

Good things come to those who wait. And our wooden dildos are well worth the wait. Your wooden dildo is produced to order making it not only unique but a beautifully sculpted piece of wooded art!
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