Our wooden dildos are not just exciting sex toys, they are beautiful works of art. Each wooden dildo is lovingly carved from a single piece of wood by a skilled craftsman. Each one is unique, no two are the same. Our 6 stage smoothing and finishing process means that the finished dildo is a pleasure to touch and feel.

Wooden Dildos?!

  • Eco-friendly sex toys
  • 100% natural and organic
  • Locally sourced sustainable wood
  • Silky smooth to touch, warm to feel
  • No nasty chemicals
  • It's a unique work of art!
  • Handmade to order in the UK
  • No batteries required - just a loving touch

Our Products

We produce 6 different different designs of wooden dildo, to suit every taste. . We use a variety of hard woods including cherry, beech and ash, all from sustainable sources in the UK. All our products are finished with a food grade coating, also suitable for children's toys - safe, sexy and super smooth!

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How To Buy

You can buy any of our wooden dildos at our secure, discrete online shop. Order in confidence - all our wooden sex toys come discretely packaged in a box, and with a luxurious felt bag to keep it safe, warm when not in use. We take all major credit cards through our secure partners at PayPal - no mention of dildos on your credit card bill, discretion guaranteed.

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Welcome to WoodenDildos.co.uk

"I was a bit unsure when I unwrapped my wooden dildo, a present from my husband, but all I can say is "Wow!!!!". It's so smooth but hard and warm too, with lots of bumps in just the right places. Goodbye latex! Thank You!!!"

Jessica, a Very Well Satisfied Customer!

Wooden dildos are the eco-friendly natural alternative to the modern chemical-laden dildo. Most modern dildos are imported from China, and are made from plastics and other oil-derived chemicals. Our hand-crafted sex toys are produced from native hardwoods from a sustainable source, truly green and 100% organic.

The carved dildo is sanded to an extremely fine finish, then sealed with 6 layers of a food/child friendly organic oil - which makes them very smooth and waterproof, with a naturally lubricated feel.